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Registering and subscribing to Gofamer as a company

Video Transcript: Welcome to Gofamer and thank you for your interest in our software. Gofamer helps you to monitor and analyse the social activity of the influencers or creators you work with, saving hours of work through our automated social gathering and reporting tools. This video is to simply walk you through the process of […]

Accepting an invite to Gofamer from a company you’re working with

Gofamer is a social media monitoring and analytics platform which allows you to work with brands and agencies more easily than ever before. When you’re invited to connect to Gofamer, you’ll receive an email much like the one below. Click the “Create new password” button, and you’ll be transported to Gofamer where you can create […]

Inviting influencers to share their accounts with you

If you’re a brand, agency or company you can invite influencers to share their data with your Gofamer account. This will allow you to see their posts and performance in Gofamer. Please note, you must have an agency/company account to do this. If you don’t have a Gofamer account yet, or don’t see the options […]

Understanding demographics in Instagram and Facebook

What are demographics? Instagram and Facebook’s demographic figures include gender, location and age. These can help you get an idea of the audience who are following you. You may know some of this intuitively: you may have a product (if you’re a business) or interests (if you’re an influencer) that naturally appeal to certain genders […]

Connecting YouTube to Gofamer

You can get advanced YouTube analytics in one place by connecting your channel to Gofamer.  From the account connection area, click the YouTube button and if prompted choose the Google Account for which your YouTube account relates to. Google may warn you that Gofamer hasn’t been verified. We’re in the process of doing this, but […]

Connecting Google Analytics to Gofamer

Connecting Google Analytics allows you to get an overview of blog or website traffic as long as that site has Google Analytics implemented. To start, click the Google Analytics button and if prompted choose the Google Account for which your Analytics account relates to. Google may warn you that Gofamer hasn’t been verified. We’re in […]

Connecting Twitter to Gofamer

Connecting Twitter to Gofamer can be done in just a few simple steps. Please go first to Edit Profile -> Social Data. To connect Twitter, please click the “Twitter” button.  You’ll be redirected to Twitter to authorise. If you’re not logged in already, do so and you should end up at this screen. When you […]

Connecting Facebook and Instagram to Gofamer

You can add Instagram and Facebook to Gofamer as part of the same process. Before you’ll start, you’ll need to have set your Instagram account up as an Instagram Professional account (either as a Business or a Creator).

How to link your social media accounts to Gofamer

This post picks up on how to use Gofamer from the registration phase outlined in this post. It is assumed you already have a registered account and have clicked the verification link in your email. If you’re not ready to do this yet, you can always add these later by going to Edit Profile in […]